Announcing Anna Nacher’s Visit to ELL

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Anna Nacher to the Electronic Literature Lab to perform in a Live Stream Traversal of Eric Steinhardt’s hypertext work, Fragments of the Dionysian Body, on Friday, October 18, from 12 noon-1 p.m. 

Dr. Nacher is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Audiovisual Arts, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland and a 2019-20 Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence in the Creative Digital Media program at the Winona State University in Winona (MN). Her research interests include digital culture, media art, and e-literature. She is currently pursuing a three-year long research project “The Aesthetics of Post-Digital Imagery: Between New Materialism and Object-Oriented Philosophy,” funded by Polish National Science Centre. She is the author of three books in Polish, her recent publications include articles in journals (HyperrhizElectronic Book ReviewAcoustic Space, Communications +1, among others) and chapters in edited volumes.

Full list of publications: https://nytuan.wordpress.com/publications/ .

We will be posting the Live Stream information next week.

Dene Grigar is Director and Professor of the CMDC Program. She specializes in electronic literature, emerging technologies and cognition, and ephemera.