Launch of The Digital Review
Thursday, June 11, 2020
10:30 a.m.-1:30 a.m.
At TDR’s Twitter site:

We are very excited to announce the launch of the new journal, The Digital Review (TDR), a sibling online publication of the electronic book review, founded and edited by CMDC faculty member, Will Luers, and supported by a research grant from Washington State University. TDR is an annual journal dedicated to the preservation and publication of innovative, born-digital essays. Each theme-based issue will offer a curated combination of commissioned work, submitted work and “rediscovered” work. It draws inspiration from journals, like Vectors (2005-2007), which commissioned  individual artist to create collaborative code, craft, and critical writing; Kairos, a long-established as a site for hypertextual essays; as well as Drunken Boat, Beehive, Riding the Meridian and frAme journal, all pioneer publications of innovative digital non-fiction archived now at the ELO Repository.

The journal offers three sections: Essays, Rediscoveries, and Reviews. This inaugural issue features 11 Essays by some of the most prominent names involved in electronic literature, including Mark Amerika, J. R. Carpenter, Stuart Moulthrop, Judy Malloy, Hazel Smith, Roger Dean, Rui Torres, and John Cayley. It also features Reviews of Anastasia Salter and John Murray’s “Blocked In” by Caleb Milligan; and Carpenter’s “The Pleasure of the Coast” by David Thomas Henry Wright. Rediscoveries, produced by Holly and me, see the re-introduction of Annie Grosshans’ The World Is Not Done Yet and Charles Bernstein’s “A Mosaic for Convergence.”

Join us at this event. Contributors will be on hand to talk about their work. Here is a schedule for Thursdays’ launch on Twitter:

10:30- Introduction from Will Luers about the issue/the theme/people/etc.

10:40- Mapping Place | JR Carpenter

10:50- Operational Presence with Otherworldly Sensibility | Mark Amerika

11:00- The Future of -Writing -Vilém Flusser +Language +John Cayley | John Cayley with Sally Qianxun Chen

11:10- Arriving Simultaneously: Selections from a Writer’s Notebook | Judy Malloy

11:20- The Gate: a game-essay on coexistence and spectrality in the Anthropocene | Eugenio Tisselli

11:30- Dread Box | Stuart Moulthrop

11:40- Creative Collaboration, Racial Discrimination and Surveillance in The Lips are Different | Hazel Smith and Roger Dean

11:50- Crimes Against Neurology | David Jhave Johnston

12:00- The Cyberliterary Efficacy of Combinatory Literature in Urban Cishet University Students (or how to imagine a paper by programming an abstract) | Rui Torres and Diogo Marques

12:10- Written Landscapes | Cassandre Poirier-Simon

12:20- Participatory Culture and Michel Foucault: how we’re all to blame for ‘fake news’ and the loss of social consciousness | Dr. Karen Lowry

12:30- Rediscoveries: Dene Grigar & Holly Slocum, Electronic Literature Lab; The World Is Not Done Yet | Annie Grosshans

12:40- An Mosaic of Convergence | Charles Bernstein

12:50-  The Pleasure of the Infinite: An (In)finite Review of The Pleasure of the Coast by JR Carpenter | David Thomas Henry Wright

1:00- Playing the Hard Questions: A Twine Review of Block In by Anastasia Salter and John Murray | Caleb Andrew Milligan

1:10- Acknowledgments

1:20- Call for submissions

1:30- Final thank yous/end