Over a year ago, Alan Sondheim sent the lab five boxes of his personal papers, digital files, and other items to establish The Alan Sondheim Collection. We invited him to spend a week with us last March to go through the boxes and help with describing the material for the archives. He and his wife, Azure Carter, left their home by car and headed west to Vancouver, WA. By the time they arrived in Denver, the coronavirus had hit Washington State, and the governor issued the shut down order. When we all realized that the situation was not going to improve but instead worsen, Alan and Azure turned around and went back home. The rest you know: It quickly became a pandemic, and the state like most states in the U.S. remained under shut down orders. So, this fall Alan and I decided to work together over Zoom to review the materials he had sent. I am recording the sessions and organizing the boxes remotely from my lab since the campus is also shut down. Here are the contents of Box 2 of The Alan Sondheim Collection. More is on the way for your viewing pleasure.

Alan Sondheim Collection Inventory
Box 2 Works by Sondheim and Ephemera


Art Paper: Contemporary Art in the Southeast. Noise Culture edited by Sondheim,  14.2, 1990.

Razor Smile, Issue 1, Autumn 2002. Recividist Press. Includes CD-ROM.

Chapbooks by Sondheim

Lists (1971) self-published and supported by the Nova Scotia School of Design, 2 copies.

Resonances. ppress, 1971. Limited edition 200 copies.

Hierarchical Structuring. Meta Limited, 1972.

Sophia. Surrey, UK: Writer’s Forum, 1988. Signed by the artist

The Case of the Real Volumes 1 &2. Elmwood, CT: Potes and Poets Press, 1998.

Philosophy. Espoo, Finland: LINGUABLANCA EDITIONS MENU BANAL, No. 18, October 2007.

Catalogs featuring Sondheim

8e Biennale de Paris, 15 September-21 October. Paris, France, Idea Books, 1973.

The Figure When It is Speaking. 3 November-23 December 1989. The World Gallery, Asheville, NC,

Writers for the Future. trAce Online Writing Centre. 2004.

Eye World, 22 November 3009-17 January 2010. Curated by Emily Cheng & Michelle Loh. School of Visual Arts, Art History Department.

Low Lives 2. Produced and curated by Jorge Rojas, 30 April 2010. Includes CD-ROM.


Millennium Film Workshop Fall Series, Flyer, NY, NY (1990)

The Red Year, curated by Sondheim, Belk Building Art Gallery, WCU and The World Gallery, Asheville, NC (1990)

Millennium Film Workshop Fall Series 2000, NY, NY (2000)

Millennium Film Workshop Fall Series 2004, NY, NY (2004)

Essays in Collections

“Virtual Idols, Our Future Love.” Digital Identity, Informational Cultures #1. Budapest, Hungary: Media Research Foundation, 2000. 2 copies.

“Hole.” Uncontrollable Bodies, edited by Rodney Sappington and Tyler Stallings. Seattle, WA: Bay Press, 1994, 262-275.

“Splatter.” 2600: The Hacker Quarterly34.3 Autumn 2017, p. 60.

Essays in Catalog

“The Writer Rubbed,” The Imaginary Zone, featuring Ann Burke Daly. Poughkeepsie, NY: Vassar College, 1993. p. 11.

Essays in Journals

“Paint, She Said,” Arts Journal(1990).

“Introduction: Codework.” American Book ReviewSeptember/October 2001, p.1.

“Five Fictions.” Nd. 59-61.

Published Books by Sondheim, with Reviews

The Structure of Reality. Halifax: Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, 1977.

Eternal Terminological Return, 1987-89.

Textbook of Thinking, 1991.

Disorders of the Real. Barrymore, NY: Station Hill Press, 1988.

Review of “Disorders of the Real” in High Performance, spring, #45, 1989.

“Summer Picks.” Disorders of the Real. Small Press Review, June 1988 20.6, Issue 185.

Vel. Cambridge, UK: Salt Publishing, 2005.

Deep Language. Cambridge, UK: Salt Publishing, 2010.

Reviews of Sondheim’s Work (without works)

Review of “Beyond Reductivism: The Work of Alan Sondheim” by Robert Joseph Horvitz, ArtForumDecember 1974. p. 34-35.

Review of “Restless” by Shaun Brady. Philadelphia City Paper, 24 April 2008. p. 54

Course Materials

Sound, Art 149, for UCLA circa 1980

Talks/Lectures by Alan Sondheim

“Emory University Talk.”

Talk at the Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta, GA.

Announcements Featuring Sondheim

“Ritual All 7-70.” ESP-Disk, February 2009.

Work by Others

Ronald Earl Michaelson. Studio International, September-October 1976.

Richard Klein and William B. Warner, Nuclear Coincidence & the Korean Airline Disaster. Diacritics 1985.

Richard Klein, “The Metis of Centaurs,” Diacritics1986, p. 2-13

Thomas Zimmer. Mysterious Egypt. N.d.

Footwa. Nom d’artiste, featuring Foofwa d’imobilité. 1998.

Justin Katko, Scheme!. 2005. 38/50 copies

Author unknown, Lafenoire dopesmokerFall 2016.

Anna Maria Pinaka. PornographingOnomatopoeia153.1, 2017.

Chris Krauss, After Kathy Acker. South Pasadena, CA: Semiotext(e), 2017.


Exhibition Materials

Folder containing images about medical magnetism held in a folder from WVU.


Alan’s studio in Dallas, TX




Announcement for Alan’s band, Meta, 2 copies.