We are making progress with the Ruffle implementation. Thus far, the Undergraduate Researchers who are undertaking the project have applied ruffle.js and the accompanying note to the Flash works found in the Electronic Literature Collections 1, 2, and 3; Cauldron & Net, frAme, Poems That Go, Riding the Meridian, Word Circuits, and BeeHive. Left to do of the seven online journals is The Iowa Review Web, which they plan to complete by next weekend. All total, the team has been able to preserve 58 of the 198 Flash works published in six of the seven online journals.

Below are screenshots of the spreadsheet containing the works we have managed to save. You will note that no work from Riding the Meridian appears on the list. You will also notice the Museum of the Essential and Beyond That is the last entry. The museum was created as a Flash object so in order for us to get to the Flash works inside of it, we had to first save the object. 

We are taking a break now so that the team can help me get the afterflash exhibition, which will feature the works we could save, ready for ELO 2021. If we get the NEH we applied for, we will continue with the project but shift to Conifer. If we don’t, then . . .


Ruffle Spreadsheet, page 1













Ruffle Spreadsheet, page 2