Join us for the launch of Dene Grigar and Mariusz Pisarski’s The Challenges  of Born-Digital Fiction: Editions, Translations, and Emulations on March 22, 2024 at 8 a.m. PDT via Zoom. Particpants include editor Gabriel Hankins and artists Michael Joyce, Judy Malloy, and Stuart Moulthrop. Published by Cambridge University Press in its Element Series, the book addresses the growing concern about how best to maintain and extend the accessibility of early interactive novels and hypertext fiction or narratives. These forms of born-digital literature were produced before or shortly after the mainstreaming of the World Wide Web with proprietary software and on formats now obsolete. Preserving and extending them for a broad study by scholars of book culture, literary studies, and digital culture necessitate they are migrated, translated, and emulated – yet these activities can impact the integrity of the reader experience. Thus, this Element centers on three key challenges facing such efforts: (1) precision of references: identifying correct editions and versions of migrated works in scholarship; (2) enhanced media translation: approaching translation informed by the changing media context in a collaborative environment; and (3) media integrity: relying on emulation as the prime mode for long-term preservation of born-digital novels.