Invited back to DHSI for 2015

I was very happy to receive the invitation, today, from Ray Siemens to return to the Digital Humanities Summer Institute next summer at the University of Victoria, to teach the course in electronic literature again.  This will make the 4th year in a row that I have taught at the institute. This year I brought […]

More New Vintage Computers for ELL

The trunk to the black PF Cruiser popped open to reveal a pile of vintage computers, keyboards, boxes of software and other tech goodies destined for ELL.  In the car’s backseat was another mound of vintage tech.  The man who provided this “Christmas in June” experience was none other than Bill Bly, pioneering electronic literature […]

Heading to DHSI 2014

ELL was in a shambles today as we packed up computers and other gear we needed for DHSI 2014 where I am teaching a week-long course in Electronic Literature with Sandy Baldwin, Margie Luesebrink, and Davin Heckman. We are taking 10 Mac Minis, iMac, my Apple IIe, Classic, and G3 iMac (my Bondi Blue baby) […]

Getting Ready for the Next Pathfinders Traversal

The Electronic Literature Lab is the site where the research for Pathfinders:  Documenting the Experience of Early Digital Literature is taking place.  The project extends the notion of digital preservation by developing a method that captures not just the content of a work of electronic literature but also attempts to recreate the experience readers had […]

Upcoming Visitors to ELL

We are hosting two tours of ELL during the month of August. The first is scheduled for the 30+ members of the Seattle Metro Chamber Leadership Trip to SWWA on Thursday, August 1, from 4:00-5:00 p.m.  This event is sponsored by the Columbia River Economic Development Council. The second is a tour of various members of the […]

The New Addition to ELL

My friend Jeff brought a very nice treat to the lab today: a Kodak DataShow Projection Pad, replete with a cooling fan and the original case. It works with my Apple II GS just fine, and there is some speculation that it is the very first projector a PC.  A good find there! The bad […]

All the Macs Are Back Home

I got my Mac Plus back yesterday from repairs, thanks to my Mac Guru, Jeff, who has been overseeing the health of my Macs for several years.  Our love (okay, obsession) for Macs continues to bind us even after he has moved on from being a student to a full-fledged, well-paid programmer.  He is my […]

Visitors to ELL

I invited Nathan Stahlman and Jim Voorhies, from Instructional Technologies, Inc. (ITI),  to visit the lab today to show them the computers and talk about the kinds of research we do in ELL.  ITI has been partnering with the CMDC program for the last year and a half, sponsoring our 2D simulation summer study last […]

Getting Ready for Pathfinders

Big doings in ELL this week.  We are getting our Mac Plus back from repairs in time for the first Pathfinders’ traversal featuring Stuart Moulthrop.  Fresh paint, new tables and chairs, and cabinets for storage should be in place by the end of the week.  Seti has organized the media library, and Greg and Jeff […]