Triangle SCI Begins

Triangle SCI began today in Durham today. Dene and Richard are here developing the metadata fields for visitors to The NEXT with disabilities for better access.  We kicked off the event with an opening event at The Rickhouse where we met with the other teams invited to the week-long retreat. This year’s theme is Reckoning, […]

Victory Garden 2022 in The Digital Review

The lab’s efforts to reconstruct Stuart Moulthrop’s Victory Garden is featured in The Digital Review (TDR), Issue 02 in the “Rediscoveries” section of the journal in an essay appropriately titled, “Reconstructing Stuart Moulthrop’s Victory Garden.” As the editors of TDR write, “Rediscoveries of electronic literature are no different than rediscoveries of print literature. Without structured […]

Panel Accepted for the AWP

The panel I was invited to join, entitled “Cripping & Digitizing: (Re)Imagining the Poetry eBook,” that was organized by poet C. R. Grinner for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs 2023 conference was accepted.  Grinner teaches at the UW in Seattle and author of The Lyme Letters (Texas Tech University Press). Other panelists besides Grinner […]

Madison McCartha, PhD Fellow at the Electronic Literature Lab

We are pleased to welcome the Electronic Literature Lab’s first PhD Fellow––poet, critic, and multimedia artist, Madison McCartha. Their debut book of poetry and visual art, FREAKOPHONE WORLD, was published by Inside the Castle, in 2021. Their second book, THE CRYPTODRONE SEQUENCE, is forthcoming from Black Ocean. McCartha holds an MFA from the University of […]

Principles that Guide Restoration and Reconstruction of Born-Digital Literature

The restoration and reconstruction projects the lab has produced, in varying degrees, required approaches like migration, emulation, and collection as part of the digital preservation process. In some cases, text and are were migrated while code is completely rebuilt. Other cases see a bit of code added to a HTML page that result in the […]

Victory Garden 2022 Builds & Changes

Compiled by Arlo Ptolemy, Project Manager, Victory Garden 2022 Below are the various builds associated with the reconstruction of Stuart Moulthrop’s 1991 hypertext novel Victory Garden, published by Eastgate Systems, Inc. The new edition, Victory Garden 2022, was created by Stuart Moulthrop, Arlo Ptolemy, Andrew Thompson, with support from Holly Slocum, Dene Grigar, Sierra O’Neal, Greg Philbrook, […]

CMDC Studios: Video Games R&D

Announcing CMDC Studios! CMDC Studios is a team of multi-talented game developers, sponsored by the Electronic Literature Lab, who are passionate about creating narrative-rich games through immersive gameplay and thoughtful design. The team is proud to support developers that are interested in entering the games industry through structured opportunities to make games, polish their skills, […]

Restorations & Reconstructions

For the last seven years the lab has rebooted numerous work of born-digital media by documenting them via Grigar and Moulthrop’s Pathfinders methodology, which has culminated in a series of electronic open-source books entitled Rebooting Electronic Literature, and by conserving them through various restoration and reconstruction initiatives. The former, documentation, involves no direct intervention into a work, but […]

Reconstruction of Sarah Smith’s “King of Space”

The Electronic Literature Lab and the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program are proud to announce the launch of the reconstruction of Sarah Smith’s King of Space. In production since January 12, 2022, the work is now widely accessible via the Web at Reconstruction was undertaken by 23 spring graduates of the program who […]

Collection Selected for the Recovery Hub of American Women Writers

The Marjorie C. Luesebrink Collection that the lab developed and curated for ELO’s The NEXT was selected for inclusion in the July 2022 showcase of the “Recovery Hub of American Women Writers.” The Collection––consisting of 66 works the artists donated to The NEXT, 32 of which were created by the artist and preserved in various methods by the […]