In Honor of National Poetry Month

Special Thanks

Fort Vancouver Regional Library District

Thank you to Nancy Tessman, Jennifer Hauan, Jackie Spurlock, Karen Ford, Amy Scott for helping make this exhibit a success.

All contributing authors and artists

Thank you for sharing your works with the community of Clark County.

Washington State University Vancouver

WSUV's Creative Media and Digital Culture program's faculty guided the student's research and curating of the Anthropoetry exhibit.

Nouspace Gallery & Media Lounge

Nouspace Gallery & Media Lounge is directed by Dene Grigar and John Barber, faculty in The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver. It showcases digital art and media as a way to provide opportunities for residents of Southwest Washington to study and experiment with new forms of artistic expression. Nouspace is solely volunteer driven and donor supported.

Greg Philbrook

Greg Philbrook is a 2012 graduate of the Creative Media and Digital Culture (CMDC)Program at Washington State University, Vancouver. He currently serves as the program's Research Assistant and Technical Support Specialist. In this capacity he has taught workshops on PhP and other topics, participated in the production of exhibits for venues like the Library of Congress, the Modern Language Association, Digital Humanities Summer Institute, and the Electronic Literature Organization. His multimedia work, "The Collection," was selected for exhibition at the Electronic Literature show hosted at the Modern Language Association in 2012.

Team Members

Senior Curators

Amalia Vacca

Amalia Vacca is a senior in the CMDC program at Washington State University Vancouver. She is currently the Student Manager of Nouspace Gallery & Media Lounge, an interactive, multimedia art gallery sponsored by the CMDC program. She was recently awarded the Norma C. Fuentes and Gary M. Kirk Undergraduate Research Award for work with the iSci project. Her interests include digital publishing and curation.

Josephine Sanders

Josephine Sanders is a DTC major in the CMDC program at WSUV, and is also focusing on industrial/organization psychology in her studies.

Junior Curators

Michael E. Keck

Michael E. Keck is a senior in the DTC program at WSU Vancouver. His main academic focus has been in web design and animation, and digital literature. However, in light of recent exposure to, and immersion in electronic literature, Michael has derived newfound interest in the topics of Electronic Literature and Digital Literacy.

Kaitlyn Wise

Kaitlyn Wise is a senior majoring in DTC and minoring in Fine Arts. Her contributions include designing concepts for the show.

Design Team

Katie Gullans

Katie Gullans is a DTC major at WSU Vancouver focusing in graphic design and animation. For Anthropoetry: Modern Expression of the Human Condition, Katie created the design and layout for the event.

Cody Dietel

Cody Dietel is a sophomore majoring in the Humanities. Cody helped to create the design and layout for Anthropoetry.

Web Team

Mychael Jones

Mychael Jones is a senior in the CMDC program at WSUV. He has a passion for music, and expresses interest in integrating art and technology. Through his research and work, Mychael hopes to discover new modes for artists to express themselves within emerging digital environments.

Angela Morrelli

Angela Morrelli is a senior within the Creative Media and Digital Culture program at Washington State University’s Vancouver campus. Her focus is in digital publishing and web development, but Angela also enjoys experimenting with audio editing and sound design. To view her other works, please visit her portfolio.

Kelsea Rothaus

Kelsea Rothaus is a junior in the CMDC program and is focusing on multimedia authoring. Being an adept designer and fine artist, Kelsea has worked to expand her web-development skills by focusing on writing the code and creating the design for the Anthropoetry website.

Promotions Team

Print/Digital Material

Crystal Millard

Crystal Millard is a senior in the CMDC program with an emphasis in design. She worked in designing the flyers, and s a dtc student who is focusing on digital marketing and communications. Her main task for Anthropoetry is promoting the show by designing marketing materials.

Social Media

Autumn Sailer

Autumn Sailer is a senior in the CMDC program at WSUV. For this exhibition, Autumn was in charge of creating and maintaining all of the profiles and promotions for this event on several social media platforms, including Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, and YouTube.


Christine Waller

Christine Waller was responsible for all press content for Anthropoetry, and also put together the printed catalog for this show. Having completed her English degree, Christine is currently taking DTC classes at WSUV as she attempts to soothe her anxieties regarding postgraduate prospects. She eventually plans on pursuing a graduate degree with an emphasis in videogame theory and digital/virtual narratives within gamespace.

Content Specialist

Colleen Burke

Colleen Burke is a junior WSUV and is majoring in DTC and minoring in Communication. She wants to get a job in advertising, and will perhaps get another minor in Business. For Anthropoetry she created the written content for the exhibition.

Lecture/Launch Team

Melissa Carrol

Melissa Carrol is a senior at WSU Vancouver expecting to graduate this May with a major in Digital Technology and Culture. She worked as an event coordinator for this exhibition, and is in charge of the event's launch party and lecture.

Katelyn Cooper

Katelyn Cooper is a senior at Washington State University majoring in the Humanities. She worked as one of the event coordinators for Anthropoetry: Modern Expression of the Human Condition.

Vlada Kushnir

Vlada Kushnir is working on her second major in Digital Technology and Culture at WSUV after already having completed her first degree in Criminal Justice. Vlada also works for the Salmon Creek Journal as its marketing director, and loves working with a wide variety of creative media.

Technical Team

Aaron Philips

Aaron Philips is a senior in the DTC program at WSUV. Aaron is also the current acting manager for the #nextchapter Digital Literacy program.

Joel Tandberg

Joel Tandberg is a self-proclaimed “jack of all trades” in the technical department of the Anthropoetry exhibition. He offers technology expertise with an eye for detail and excellence. He enjoys long walks on the beach, and tea parties with his daughter.

Library and Layout

Sue Park

Sue Park is a junior at WSUV. She was part of the library and layout team for Anthropoetry, and worked on designing the layout for the exhibition, and decided which pieces would be displayed in which devices.

Brittany Wouden

Brittany Wouden is a senior in the CMDC program at WSU Vancouver. She is a talented graphic designer and 3D Modeler, and originated the concept of the Pop-Up Gallery as part of her nomination as a National Collegiate Innovators and Inventors Alliance University Fellowship. Her fellowship focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship, and the Pop-Up Gallery represents the first step in bringing these ideals to collegiate students, and anyone else interested in technological advancements and entrepreneurship.