In Honor of National Poetry Month

Featured Authors and Works

Annie Abrahams, "Separation"

Ingrid Ankerson and Megan Sapnar, "Cruising"

Sandy Baldwin, "New Word Order"

Serge Bouchardon and Vincent Volckaert, "Loss of Grasp"

Sharon Daniel and Erik Loyer, "Public Secrets"

Juliet Davis, "Pieces of Herself"

Andy Fitch, "Sixty Morning Walks"

Johannes Heldén, "Valjarna"

Rozalie Hirs and Harm Van Den Dorpel, "Family Tree"

Andreas Maria Jacobs, "La Resocialista Internacional"

Chris Joseph, "Animalamina"

Robert Kendall, "Faith"

Orit Kruglanski, "WhereAbouts"

John Kusch, "Red Lily"

Erik Loyer, "Strange Rain", "Chroma"

Maria Mencia, "Connected Memories"

Nick Montfort and Stephanie Strickland, "Sea and Spar Between"

Judd Morrissey, "The Last Performance"

Andreas Müller, "For All Seasons"

Marko Niemi, "Stud Poetry"

Jörg Piringer, "Sound Poems"

Stephanie Strickland, "V:Vniverse"

Thom Swiss, "Shy Boy"

Rui Torres, "Amor De Clarice" and "Poemas No Meio do Caminho"

Dan Waber, Jennifer Hill Kaucher and Reiner Strasser, ">>Oh<<"