Benjamin Woodruff

an illustration of Benjamin Woodruff using flat vector shapes in the Assembly iPhone app

Hello, thanks for taking a look at my About page. Please feel free to send me an email via the Contact nav button. Have a great day!

Professional Back-story

Following are some things in my life that led to my interest in digital art and the work I am now training to become proficient in:

  • Washington State University Vancouver, Vancouver, WA:
  • Tools: HTML5, CSS3, Adobe AfterEffects, Invision, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Assembly for iPhone.
  • Skills: Usability & Interaction Design, Web Design, Still and Motion Graphics, Social Media Marketing, SEO, and "Google AdWords: Mobile" Certified.
  • Clark College, Vancouver, WA:
  • Tools: and .org (child themes), Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  • Skills: WordPress, Graphic Design, Typography, Composition, and Time-based Art.
  • Heritage HS, Vancouver, WA:
  • Tools: Photoshop and Flash.
  • Skills: Visual Communications, Acrylic Painting, Drawing, and Creative Writing.
  • Mountain View HS, Vancouver, WA:
  • Tools: Digital Video Cameras, Sound Equipment, and Film-making/Editing Software/Hardware.
  • Skills: Filmography, News & TV Commercial Production.

Personal Creative Projects

This section will be the home of some of my personal projects that don't apply to a given business or scenario. I hope they are helpful for relating some of my creative interests.

I really enjoy working with the Assembly iPhone app to make iPhone background images for myself, friends, and family members.

My wife was helping to plan a friend of our's baby shower and needed a decorative game sheet to make the experience a little more special.

This stop-motion video was a class project I did for a Time Based Art class (Art 118) at Clark College during the Winter of 2015. I chose the subjects and plot knowing they would be fun for my kids to watch.