User Experience Design

Hello, I'm Benjamin Woodruff, a Digital Technology and Culture student at WSU Vancouver in Southwest Washington.

Tate App Design

What if a popular group of British art galleries wanted to open a new branch in the US? They would probably need an iPhone app to help their audience to grow in that new area and to drive engagement through their unique content. This project was all hypothetical, but the high-fidelity concept design and animated prototype is real. Please check out the Tate App Design project page for more about this work.

Oregon Wildlife Safari

The Oregon Wildlife Safari's website was okay but needed some help to transition to a more modern design that would attract more of a younger audience, like young parents who are willing to bring their kids out for a day trip to see awesome, wild animals from the comfort of their own cars. To find out more about this project, please see the Oregon Wildlife Safari project page.

Ling's Cars

The Ling's Cars website seemed like a real challenge at first, but after doing a User Requirements Analysis and rearranging the Information Architecture, Ling's site had some hope at greater success. Please feel free to visit the Ling's Cars project page to see more.