Oregon Wildlife Safari

Hello, I'm Benjamin Woodruff, thanks for taking a closer look at my work. Below you will find the content and details about this project. Please feel free to visit my About page or send me an email via the Contact nav button. Have a great day!

Website Redesign

The Oregon Wildlife Safari's website needed a bit of a refresh. I started out doing some wire-framing of their content with draw.io in order to understand the current layout of existing elements. Then, using Adobe Illustrator and the Invision web app, I made an interactive prototype with an updated look and feel without removing any of the old elements. Now, the client may choose to allow me to take next steps in updating their site through hard-coding the changes or pass my work on to another developer to finish the job.

Banner Ad

The first iteration of expected outcomes for this project was to create a new logo, slogan, and banner ad. Rather than the cheetah running (potentially chasing down its lunch), I selected another well-known and well-loved animal from the site to place in the logo, which was the giraffe. I felt their focus on children would actually be best communicated by branding the site and the logo to young adult parents, and so I thought the white giraffe silhouette would go well with the more tribal looking typeface (family friendly, but still exciting enough for the parents to stay engaged). For the banner ad, I used the main carousel image from the redesigned home page prototype and coupled it with the logo to form a nice, web-friendly sized banner image (1000 x 124 pixels), which could be placed strategically across the web in order to drive traffic to their new site.

Interactive Prototype

The bulk of the work on this project was done in the Invision web app, which really helped to expedite the process of doing an interactive mockup. I would've liked to try out Adobe ExperienceDesign (XD, which was in Beta and for Macs only at the time) for this project, but being without a Mac left me looking for other options, which was great because I was led to Invision instead. I appreciate the ability to make links (hotspots) into templates that I can apply quickly to many pages within the design. I also like being able to link the web app to my Dropbox account for quick and easy upload of assets.

Branded Print Objects

Another secondary aspect of this project was to do some print or stationary objects that would typically accompany a website redesign. These items include company branded letterhead, business envelopes, and business cards.