About “Habitable”

“Habitable” is a text-based planet exploration game. Players are tasked with the mission of evaluating and determining the habitability of promising-looking exoplanets that can sustain a large human population. Intriguing landscapes, organisms, and discoveries await those who are up to the task. Though, be warned, there are dangers on these planets that must be mitigated if a player is to successfully complete the mission. The inspiration for “habitable” comes from the large number of potentially habitable exoplanets that are thought to exist in reality. Notions of what such planets might be like are explored in a way that is pragmatic.

URL to the work: https://dtc-wsuv.org/bstorozhko20/habitable/habitable.html



Bogdan Storozhko is a DTC major at WSU Vancouver. He carries a broad range of skills and interests including, video editing, music production, electronics repair, and creative writing. Enthralled by digital devices from a young age, Bogdan often spent hours taking them apart and putting them back together to further his understanding of their inner workings. Later on, he began to explore the software side by learning a variety of computer applications that could be used for creative purposes. Bogdan draws his inspiration from imagining the unknown and thinking about the myriad of possibilities of what lies in the future.