Considerations for Week of March 4

It would seem that post anarchism, in its desire to reframe and rethink our ontological and epistemological practices within and outside of the academy, has the potential to be a powerful addition to literary studies on the whole and to studies of the experimental poetic tradition in particular.–Dani Spinosa

This rationale sets the tone for Dani Spinosa’s Anarchist in the Academy: Machines and Free Readers in Experimental Poetry. Much of what she suggests in the book has been hinted to thus far in our class discussions, namely: e-lit’s focus on experimentation, its impetus toward collaborative and participatory practices, and an radical approach toward language, aesthetics, and theories. Here are some concepts we will discuss today:

  • Four foundational feature of postanarchist literary theory
  • Poetry terrorism
  • Hayles’ notion of computer as co-creator; also her theory, “Media-Specific Analysis”
  • Social authorship
  • Anti-medium
  • Composition and Performance
  • Codework
  • Feminist Paradox

See you at 3:10! 

Special note: Dani will come to our next class to discuss her work with us. We will spend a bit of time today preparing for her visit.

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Dene Grigar is Director and Professor of the CMDC Program. She specializes in electronic literature, emerging technologies and cognition, and ephemera.

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