Resources (open source and not)

1. Required Books

Ensslin, Astrid. Literary Gaming. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2014. ISBN: 9780262027151. $34.

Rettberg, Scott.  Electronic Literature. 1stEdition. NY, NY: Wiley. 2018. 1509516786, 9781509516780. $24.95

Spinosa, Dani. Anarchists in the Academy: Machines and Free Readers in Experimental Poetry. Edmonton, Alberta: University of Alberta Press, 2018. 9781772123760.$24.95

2. Suggested Books

Hayles, N. Katherine. Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary. Notre Dame, IN: U of Notre Dame Press, 2008. 9780268030858

3. Articles

Barber, John. Radio Art: A (mass) Medium Becomes An (artistic) Medium.

Cayley, John. “Grammalepsy: An Introduction,” republished in the journal,  Electronic Book Review

Coover, Robert.

Hayles, N. Katherine. “Literary texts as Cognitive Assemblages: The Case of Electronic Literature.”

Jerz, Dennis. “Hypertext Essays: An Introduction.”

Luers, Will. “Getting Lost in Narrative Virtuality.”

Moulthrop, Stuart. Intimate Mechanics: One Model of Electronic Literature.

Nacher, Anna. “In Praise of the (Post) Digital.”

Propero. The Real Future of Electronic Literature.

Salter, Anastasia. Code before Content? Brogrammer Culture in Games and Electronic Literature.

Szivak, Illya. The Death of the Novel: How E-Lit Revolutionizes Fiction.” 2012.

4. Electronic Literature & Literary Games

Barlow, Sam. Her Story. 2015. $5.99 (Steam).

Breeze, Mez and Andy Campbell. All the Delicate Duplicates. 2017. $7.99.

Playdead. Inside. 2018. $6.99 (at iTunes Store).

Three Minute Games. Lifeline. 2015. $1.99 ( iTunes Store).

Brendan, Davey. Stanley Parable. Galactic Café. 2013. $14.95 (Steam).