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Reply! (Portland) is hiring a Search Engine Marketing Specialist.  Salary: $12 – $15/hour.

Jobs (Newest to Oldest)
6. Anvil Media Inc. (Portland) is hiring a Digital Analyst. Salary: DOE.

7. Anvil Media Inc. (Portland) is hiring a Digital Strategist of Paid Media. Salary: DOE.

10. “I Have A Dream” Oregon (Portland) is hiring a Marketing and Communications Manager. Salary: DOE.

11. George Fox University (Newberg) is hiring a Web Usability and SEO Administrator. Salary: $35,232 – $44,040.

17. Healthy Democracy (Portland) is hiring a Development & Communications Manager. Salary: $45,000 – $55,000.

18. Consumer Cellular (Portland/Tigard) is hiring a Creative Designer. Salary: DOE.

19. Oregon Convention Center (Portland) is hiring an Event Manager – Oregon Convention Center, part-time. Salary: Entry: $19 – $20/hour.

21. Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation (Portland) is hiring a Senior Director of Informatics. Salary: DOE.

^ New Jobs This Week ^
30. Coates Kokes (Portland) is hiring a Graphic Designer. Salary: DOE.

32. Sparkloft Media (Portland) is hiring a Community Manager & Storyteller. Salary: DOE.

35. Reply! (Portland, Oregon) is hiring a Search Engine Marketing Specialist. Salary: $12 – $15/hour.

37. Cambia Health Solutions (Portland) is hiring a Marketing Strategy Manager. Salary: DOE.

38. Cambia Health Solutions (Portland) is hiring a Social Media Manager. Salary: DOE.

40. East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (Portland) is hiring a Marketing, Media and Web Specialist. Salary: $37,080 – $42,986.

42. Kinesis (Portland) is hiring a Senior Copywriter. Salary: DOE.

43. Kinesis (Portland) is hiring a Strategic Team Leader. Salary: DOE.

45. Student Activities and Leadership Program (Portland) is hiring aCoordinator of Student Media. Salary: $47,688 – $50,000.

46. Nereus (Beaverton) is hiring a High Tech PR Senior Account Executive. Salary: DOE.

48. National Indian Child Welfare Association (Portland) is hiring an Event Manager. Salary: Level I $35,000 – $48,000.

50. YWCA of Greater Portland (Portland) is hiring a Communications Coordinator . Salary: $35,000 – $40,000.

58. The Oregon Community Foundation (Portland) is hiring a Database Manager. Salary: $56,000 – $63,000.

59. Portland Art Museum Northwest Film Center (Portland) is hiring aPublic Relations & Marketing Manager. Salary: DOE.

60. Media Institute for Social Change (Portland) is hiring a Communication Assistant (Part-Time). Salary: $15/hour.

65. Oregon State Parks Foundation (Portland) is hiring a Communications & Office Manager. Salary: $15 – $20/hour.

66. The International Society for Technology in Education (Eugene) is hiring a Marketing Assistant. Salary: DOE.

67. The International Society for Technology in Education (Eugene) is hiring a Products Marketing Manager. Salary: DOE.

68. The International Society for Technology in Education (Eugene) is hiring a Marketing Content Strategist. Salary: DOE.

76. The Dougy Center (Portland) is hiring a Communications Coordinator for The Dougy Center. Salary: DOE.

78. Autodesk (Lake Oswego) is hiring a Public Relations Operations Specialist (Contractor). Salary: $35 – $55/hour.

80. World Pulse (Portland) is hiring a Digital Action Campaign Manager. Salary: $30,000 – $40,000.

84. JDK (Portland) is hiring a Copywriter. Salary: DOE .

91. Oregon State University Foundation (Corvallis, Oregon) is hiring anAssistant Director, Information Technology Services (ITS). Salary:  $75,000 – $85,000.

93. Gere Donovan Creative (Portland (Sellwood)) is hiring a Web Developer/Programmer. Salary: DOE .

95. OCP (Portland) is hiring an Online Marketing Specialist (Bilingual). Salary: DOE.

97. Resource Media (Portland) is hiring a Digital campaign coordinator. Salary: DOE .

98. Allion (Beaverton) is hiring a Technical Writer. Salary: DOE.

1. Meals on Wheels People (Portland) is seeking a Social Media Intern.
3. Neighbors for Clean Air (Portland) is seeking a Special Event Intern.

7. Children’s Developmental Health Institute (Portland) is seeking a Special Events & Marketing Intern.

10. White Bird (Portland) is seeking a Marketing & Development Intern.