Mac’s List 3-18

22. Sharon Leighty & Co. (Portland Metro) is hiring a Writer/editor/grantwriter. Salary: DOE.26. Oregon Medical Association (Portland Metro) is hiring a Director of Marketing and Communications. Salary: DOE.

27. Little Green Pickle (Portland Metro) is hiring a Public Relations Assistant. Salary: DOE.

37. Cambia Health Solutions (Portland Metro) is hiring a Product Marketing Manager. Salary: $80,000/yr.

45. Evanta (Portland Metro) is hiring a Content Director. Salary: $45,000 – $55,000/yr.

47. OCP (Portland Metro) is hiring a Marketing Research Analyst. Salary: DOE.

49. Bicycle Transportation Alliance (Portland Metro) is hiring a Marketing Manager. Salary: $33,000 – $35,000/yr.

63. Children’s Cancer Association (Portland Metro) is hiring a Database Manager. Salary: $45,000 – $50,000/yr.

64. Egg Press (Portland Metro) is hiring a Sales/Marketing Director. Salary: DOE.

68. Jordan Ramis PC (Portland Metro) is hiring a Digital Content Coordinator/Marketing Assistant. Salary: DOE.

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2. Downtown Oregon City Association (Portland Metro) is seeking a Marketing, Public Relations and Event Planning Intern.3. National Psoriasis Foundation (Portland Metro) is hiring a Web Developer Intern. Salary: DOE.

4. Albertina Kerr (Portland Metro) is seeking a Graphic Design Intern.

5. Grady Britton (Portland Metro) is hiring a PR Intern. Salary: DOE.

9. Little Green Pickle (Portland Metro) is seeking a Public Relations Summer 2015 Intern.10. Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (Portland Metro) is hiring a Summer Digital Marketing Intern. Salary: DOE.