Summer Employment

Position Description:
WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR… You’re upbeat and tech-savvy. You understand the growing need for quality technology education for kids and teens. In addition to being a fun and dynamic individual who is passionate about teaching, you’re also a flexible team player with strong communication skills. A genuine desire to work with kids and/or teens is a must. If you have these qualities, we want YOU on the iD Tech team! WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? • Work Experience with a Purpose-Driven Company: This is a great way to gain real-world experience and build your resume, all while enriching the lives of students! • Competitive Pay: We hire the best—and compensate accordingly. • University Internship Fulfillment: Many of our staff receive college internship credit working with us. • Networking: This is your chance to broaden your professional and social network with hundreds of other people that share similar passions and interests. • References: You do good work, and we’ve got your back.
• Instructing groups of up to 8 students using iD Tech online curricula.
• Creating lesson plans and finding teaching resources to support individual student needs and interests.
• Working with staff to lead, support, and supervise indoor and outdoor activities (e.g. gaming tournaments or ultimate Frisbee!)
• Meet with parents at the end of the weekly session to share out student progress and achievements!
• Support location team in running Check-in and Check-out each day.
• Overnight instructors also supervise overnight students for breakfast, dinner, and structured evening activities.
We have locations with overnight programs in at the University of Washington in Seattle, as well as Lewis & Clark College in Portland. iD Tech is a national company, so there are additional opportunities to work at other prestigious university locations!
John and I are happy to visit schools and give info-sessions on what it’s like to work with iD Tech. These are typically 30 minutes long. In the past, we have both gone into classrooms for a certain professor and hosted sessions through the Career Center or CS Departments. We have a lot of fun meeting students and talking to them about the benefits of working with iD Tech for their summer!
iD Tech positions are paid. As I mentioned on the phone, the pay for commuting instructors starts at $525/week. Director pay starts at $900/week.
In addition, we are often able to work with schools to provide internship qualifications or co-ops for students. These are done through the school, and are signed off by our People Services Department.
If you are interested, contact Dene Grigar at