January Jobs

Reed College (Portland, Oregon) is hiring a Senior Data and Applications Analyst. Salary: $65,000/yr.

Central City Concern (Portland, Oregon) is hiring a Project Manager – Administration. Salary: $48,000/yr.

eROI (Beaverton, Oregon) is hiring a Technical Project Manager.

Earth Advantage (Portland, Oregon) is hiring a Communications Coordinator.

Lincoln City Cultural Center (Lincoln City, Oregon) is hiring a Marketing Assistant.

Gateway Communications, Inc. (Portland, Oregon) is hiring a Call Center – Technical Supervisor. Salary: $14/hr.

Opsis Architecture (Portland, Oregon) is hiring a Marketing Coordinator.

Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services Inc. (Portland, Oregon) is hiring a Brand Manager/Copywriter.

Maxwell PR + Engagement (Portland, Oregon) is hiring a Studio Assistant.

Maxwell PR + Engagement (Portland, Oregon) is hiring a Social Community Manager Job Description.

Oregon Tech (Klamath Falls, Oregon) is hiring a Graphic Design Coordinator.

Leopold Ketel (Porlt, Oregon) is hiring a Marketing Coordinator / Office Assistant. Salary: $12/hr.

North Willamette Valley Habitat for Humanity (Mt. Angel) is hiring a Communication and Event Manager. Salary: $21/hr.

Oregon State University (Corvallis, Oregon) is hiring a Marketing Writer. Salary: $48,000/yr.

Social Venture Partners Portland (Portland, Oregon) is hiring a Communications Assistant. Salary: $20,000

The Historic Trust (Vancouver, Washington) is hiring a Development Assistant.

The Historic Trust (Vancouver, Washington) is hiring an Event Manager.

Subscription Catalyst (Portland, Oregon) is hiring a Web Developer/Designer. Salary: $85,000/yr.

New Internships
Marmoset (Portland, Oregon) is seeking a Production Coordinator Intern. Stipend: $13/hr.

Downtown Oregon City Association (Oregon City, Oregon) is seeking a Social Media Intern.

The Dougy Center (Portland, Oregon) is seeking a Fundraising and Event Intern.