Homework – Summer 2020

Due June 18: 

Project #2 presentations are at 3:30pm. Submit your Project as a Figma file to the class OneDrive Project #2 Final folder. Make sure you name it: Last name_First name_Project2.fig. We will be starting the 3 min. presentations at 3:30pm. 

NOTE: I am giving you until Friday, June 19, 2020 at 11:59pm to resubmit your final Figma file. Let me know if you experience any Figma Service Disruptions like what I got in class 😕.

Here is an interesting article on Figma vs. Adobe XD. I hope you have a SAFE and RESTFUL Summer Break! 

Due June 16: 

  1. Read ch. 1 & 13 of Tapworthy. Also, check out this Smashing Magazine article on Mobile App Design. 
  2. Keep developing your designs for Project #2. We will be looking at each other’s designs and then have in class studio time. 

Due June 11: 

  1. Create a 3 sec. animated logo with your redesigned logo from Homework #5 in After Effects. Work with text and shape animation in AE to creatively animate your logo. Make sure your exported animation is 1280×720, 24fps, and only 3 seconds long. Export your animation out of After Effects with Adobe Media EncoderUse the H264 format with Match Source-High Bitrate preset. Name your rendered file: Last name_First name6.mp4.  Make sure you upload your After Effects file, Ai source file, and rendered animation file in a folder in the Homework #6 folder on the class OneDrive. 
    Here are links on doing specific AE animations – Create a handwritten title, create a wiggly liquid line, and create a text stroke. Also, check out these animated logos
  2. Create a Figma account with your WSU email address. 

Due June 9:

  1. Take one of your “bad” logos and redesign (completely!) the bad logo in Illustrator in a 1280 x 720 artboard (RGB/72ppi). Consider color, typography, and design elements when redesigning the logo. Feel free to create a second artboard that shows your work in progress in redesigning your logo. Name your logo redesign: Last name_First name5.ai and make sure you package your Ai file so it includes your fonts.
  2. Watch the tutorial posted below:

Due June 4:

Upload to the class OneDrive four logos (jpg, png, etc.) that you despise and be ready to discuss why you dislike them. 

Due June 2:

1) Project #1 is due. Don’t forget to outline a copy of all of your text layers. Also, turn off the visibility of your non-outlined text layers (so you can go back and edit them). We will start the critiques of Project #1 at the beginning of class.

2) Download Adobe After Effects. We are going to get started on redesigning logos and approaches to animating them. 


Due May 28:
1) Continue working on Project #1.
2) Read the History of Symbols portion of A Short Introduction to Graphic Design History.  

Due May 26:
Draft of Project #1 due. Work from the layout we created in class and develop the layout of your content. Work with imagery, type, and color palette to develop the content of your Project #1. 

Due May 21
Design a resume for Zachary (or Zara!) Morris. PDF doc here. Create an 8.5x11in 300ppi Illustrator document using all of the information provided in the PDF. Design considering the layout, type, color, and design elements that you think Zachary (or Zara!) would need to have a resume that stands out.
NOTE: Make sure to duplicate your text layers so you will have an editable and outlined version of all text. Then outline the duplicate layers of text and name your file: Last name_First nameHW2.ai. Upload your final design to the class OneDrive folder. 

Due May 19
1) Redesign the current Facebook and Twitter social media header images for the CMDC Program. Based on our discussion of the CMDC Program, develop your header imagery so it ties into the creative and critical discussions that occur within the program. Make sure your Facebook header image is 820x312px (width x height) and your Twitter header image is 1500x500px (width x height) within each labeled Artboard. Name your file: Last name_First name1.psd and make sure you have your layers and artboard organized and labeled in your PSD file. Make sure to embed any of your source files in your PSD files too.
Resources for finding CMDC photos: Friend Dr. Dene Grigar on Facebook and check out her feed. Check out WSU Vancouver’s Flickr site.

2) Read What_is_Design5 and Thinking with Type.

3) Download Illustrator, so you are ready to start working with it. 

Due May 14:
1) Complete this student survey.
2) Read What is Design1 and What is Design8.
3) If Photoshop is new to you, please watch the “Getting Started” Adobe.com video tutorials.
4) Watch Eames_Architect_Painter available in the Class OneDrive folder.