Homework – Summer 2019

Due June 13: Project #2 due at 3:30pm. Make sure to turn in your files to the class OneDrive folder. Have a restful summer! 

Due June 6: Sketch out your designs for Project #2 and submit two questions to ask Wendy Crum, Senior Designer/Art Director for all of Nike’s Track & Field uniforms (Elite Pro and NCAA schools), and also Running Event tee graphics (ie. Hood to Coast, Chicago Marathon, etc). 

Due June 4: 1) Be ready for a quiz covering all lectures and previously assigned readings involving key terms and concepts

2) In a single Illustrator file, create six artboards that are 1300×700 at 72dpi and in the RGB color mode. For each artboard, create a single pattern using your photos as inspiration for your hand-drawn shapes and make sure your pattern builds from a color rule relationship. Make sure you identify and organize each pattern with the initial source image as well as labeling and organizing your layers. Work with the values of your colors and develop patterns that are bold as well as subtle to create new shapes and forms through scale, color, repetition, harmony, contrast, and unity. Make sure to name your file: Last name_First name_4.ai and upload it to the Homework #4 folder on the class OneDrive folder. 

3) Bring in four logos that you despise and be ready to discuss why you dislike them. 

Due May 30: 1) Read in DBI p. 124 – 175. 2) Go on a walk and take 10 photos of flowers and leaves you find. Make sure your images are in focus and are well lit so the form of the flower and leaves can easily be seen. Bring in those images and be ready to show them to the class. 

Due May 28: Project #1 due. Make sure you print out your 200-word personal production statement. We will start the critique right at the beginning of class.  

Due May 23: Draft of Project #1 due. Work from the layout we created in class and develop the layout of your content. Work with imagery, type, and color palette to develop the content of your Project #1. 

Due May 21: 1) Read DBI p. 62-97

2) You have been hired to design a resume for Zachary (or Zara!) Morris. Word doc here. Create an 8.5x11in 300ppi Photoshop document using all of the information provided in the PDF. Design considering the layout, type, color, and design elements that you think Zachary (or Zara!) would need to have a resume that stands out for design positions. Make sure to rasterize your fonts and name your file: Last name_First nameHW2.psd. Upload your final design to the class OneDrive folder.

Due May 16: Read Thinking with Type_Letter and RISD’s Resume Book. Lastly, watch this animation on typography. 

Due May 14:: 1) Read What is Design5 and watch the “Beginner Photo Editing” course videos. 

2) Redesign the current Facebook and Twitter social media header images for the CMDC Program. Based on our discussion of the CMDC Program, develop your header imagery so it ties into the creative and critical discussions that occur within the program. Make sure your Facebook header image is 820x312px (width x height) and your Twitter header image is 1500x500px (width x height). Name your Facebook file: Last name_First nameHW1F.psd and your Twitter file: Last name_First nameHW1T.psd and make sure you have your layers organized and labeled in your PSD files. Make sure to embed any of your source files in your PSD files too.
Resources for finding CMDC photos: Friend Dr. Dene Grigar on Facebook and check out her feed. Check out WSU Vancouver’s Flickr site.

Due May 9: Read Design Basics Index (DBI) p. 188-205, What is Design1, and What is Design8

If Photoshop is new to you, please watch the “Getting Started” Adobe.com video tutorials.