Words of Wisdom from Creative Folks
Ira Glass on Creating Work
Dieter Rams and Jonathan Ives discuss ‘good design’ from the documentary, Objectified.

Adobe Color: Great way to explore color palette options.
Paletton: Another palette creation site. Make sure to check out examples of your chosen palette too. Yet another color palette site & app. keyword color palette generator.
TinEye Labs: great website for finding CC images with a specific hexadecimal color.
Early Renaissance educational guide to color
RadioLab episode on color
Principles of Flat Design
ADA Compliance & You: A Case Study in Color Compliance

Photoshop and Illustrator
Ps Hotkeys
Ai Hotkeys
Simple Shapes for Practicing with the Pen Tool
Safari Web Browser PSD Mockup
Illustrator Web Browser Ai Mockup 
Designing Title Safe Graphics in Illustrator/After Effects

Glossary of Font Terms
Abbreviations in Font Names Explained
Errol Morris: How Typography Shapes our Perception of Truth
Google Fonts
Font Squirrel

Resume Resources

RISD Resume Book
Smashing Magazine’s Web Designer Resume Designs
BuzzFeed’s 27 Beautiful Resume Designs
50 Inspiring Resume Designs

Working with Grid Theory & Responsive Design
How to Use Responsive Grids
The Grid System-online resource on grid systems
960 Grid
960 – 12_column sketch for designing.

Project #2
Material Design – UI Design Studies
iOS 13 Human Interface Guidelines
Android Design Guidelines
iOS 11 UI Design Dos and Don’ts
Design Approaches for iOS
Adobe’s 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile App UX Design
iOS Icon and Image Sizes
Non-Profit, Educational, and Governmental Responsive Web Designs
Helpful Info on Multi-Device Layouts
iOS 7 UI Interface
iPhone 5 image to update your template
JPA-Responsive-Sketch-Sheets-all – Use this as a template for your Project #2 sketches
Video on the CMDC Program
CMDC Fundraising Video
CMDC’s Vimeo channel – get a Ft Vancouver Library Card to access it for free.
Charles & Ray Eames: An Architect and a Painter: Documentary on two visionary designers.
Illustrator 960 templates
iPhone and iPad design template resources

Logo Design
BBC – Hidden Meanings within Logos
Paul Scher – Titan of Postermodern Design
Infographic on Logos
50 Tips on Logo Design
WSUV Logos
Insights Per Minute on Typography
“How the Oxford English Dictionary started out like Wikipedia”
Don’t have a mobile device? Use to test out a website in a device. – another responsive design website
Mobitest – Mobile responsive design test site that gives you even more detail than the layout of your design
Creative Commons – great website for learning about and finding open source images and music files.

Crowdfunding Websites:

University Foundations/Campaigns:
WSU’s Campaign
University of Washington’s Campaign
UC Berkeley’s Campaign
PSU’s Foundation

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