Final Project

Final Project: Design, build and publish a multi-format publication about the main design and workflow issues in digital publishing today. The publication is the collaborative work of the class and should be a material demonstration and artful distillation of the ideas explored in discussions, blog posts, readings and creative projects. Everyone will contribute content and ideas, but the book will also collect outside quotes, image examples and resources (all properly acknowledged in bibliography and notes sections). The thinking behind the text and images should be future-oriented and visionary, but , at the same time,  practical and useful for the emerging field of digital publishing.

Content Sections/Chapters

  • introduction to project – Will
  • annotation and social reading – Caleb and Dan
  • structure – front matter, section, chapter, end matter, pagination (formless/definite, scroll/swipe) – Natalie and Cody
  • design for deep and hyper reading – chunking, typography, imagery, graphic elements and multimedia placement- Sarah and Daniele
  • digital book covers – Lindsey and Suhaily
  • book trailers  – Jason, Kyle and Warren
  • workflow photo documentation – Warren


  • Sections > Chapters > Sub-Chapters> Images/Media > Captions > Notes
  • Gather 1-3 Quotes per section
  • 1) Start by addressing issue or topic , 2) Provide Examples 3) Share Ideas – Best Practices, 4) Main Points (list) , 5) Notes and 6) tools
  • Save images for web and for print – 72ppi and 300ppi
  • Video hosted on Vimeo or Youtube
  • Audio on Soundcloud

Production Teams: 

  • Web “cover” page and icons – Lindsey and Suhaily
  • Scalar book structure – Cody, Dan and Caleb
  • iBook Author – Natalie, Warren, Jason 
  • PDF > MagCloud > Issuu – Kyle, Daniele, Sarah


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