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One of the biggest upsides of podcasts as a digital publishing format is how easily accessible it is for both creators and listeners. With phones and apps being highly accessible with this format, it is easy to share podcasts through Youtube, Spotify, etc. As a creator, all you need is a phone, microphone, and a topic. On top of this, podcasts are unique in that they allow the audience to listen to the creators and their guests, offering something to hold on to that other mediums can’t accomplish as effectively. On top of this, podcasts can be live streamed on websites such as Twitch.

An example of a podcast I listen to is Through the Wire which has 4 hardcore basketball fans sit and discuss their opinions of the NBA with a live chat going on. I enjoy this live podcast because it feels like hanging out and talking basketball with all of the dumb or outlandish takes and the live chat can help guide the conversation or contribute their own opinions.



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Media History Multimodal Project

In this project, I collaborated with Chrys on leading the design and visuals for the media history website. We divided Marshall McLuhan’s 7 mediums up between us (working on the 7th one together). I made sure that all of our illustrations became animated and had a consistent color scheme throughout the website. To make the color scheme, I used an image of a McLuhan book to take colors from. I also helped lead creating the identity of the website in choosing fonts and color schemes used throughout. Finally, I created the favicon and group logo for the website.

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Final project role

For the final project, I will be taking on the role as a design lead for my team. With this, I will take on our team’s color schemes, fonts, layout designs, and be on top of making sure all of the design information is easily accessible for everyone in the group. I have already created a poster for the Salmon Creek Journal and will collaborate with my team on how to arrange the future advertising with my team.

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Favorite Book

A favorite book of mine that I’ve kept for a while is Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief. The cover shows Percy looking on to the city skyline from the ocean, sword in hand, and lightning striking down. The bright yellow font for the title contrasts the grayish blue of the cover. The book has a hardcover and a thick layer of pages that seemed like a daunting task for middle school me to overcome. I never spent much time reading books outside of required ones for school growing up, but the Percy Jackson series was the exception. The mysterious aura from its covers and use of Greek mythology drew me in and I felt I could easily get lost in the world. This nostalgia holds true today and I feel Percy Jackson set the bar for me on how to enjoy books. Regardless of if it’s fantasy, history, or any other genre, if I feel like I can be walking in the world being told, I can easily enjoy the story.


This notion of going to another world, and occasionally catching yourself caught up in the illusion is what makes books special. Compared to reading on other mediums, holding a book allows me to adjust my positioning, lay on bed, and physically control the pages and feel like I’m part of the story’s pacing.


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Hi, my name is Kevin and I don’t know much about digital publishing but am interested in expanding my knowledge in this subject.

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