The Book (August 30)


Read: Preface, Chapter 1: “The Book as Object” , and Chapter 2: “The Book as Content” in The Book, by Amaranth Borsuk 

Blog Prompt: After reading the preface and first two chapters of “The Book”, find a favorite book (any non-digital book) that you own. It does not have to be a fancy art book. It could be just a paperback that you have kept. Look at it as an object and trace its roots in the material history of the codex. Why is this book special to you? Is it the content? The design? The personal narrative behind the book? How is this book alive in your imagination even though it is a non-living thing? Include pictures of the book in your post.


Brainstorm Multimodal Publishing Project

  • 5 or 6 groups of  3-6 students 
  • develop a web publishing project that combines image, text, sound, video and/or animation
  • art journal, information and advocacy, fiction/poetry/art/photography, nonfiction, children’s book, public domain story or poetry, 
  • it must replicate some aspect of the book structure – sections or chapters, 

Brainstorm Final Project

  • 3 groups of  5-8 students 
  • develop a final publishing project: Salmon Creek Journal, The Future of The Book, DTC Superpower Manual…

WordPress issues, orientation

Share favorite books – discuss the qualities that make it work…

Front Matter – copyright, ISBN*, Publisher, date, etc.
Ephemera: preface, intro, endnote, appendix, index

*The International Standard Book Number is a numeric commercial book identifier 

Watch: The Book Makers


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