Audio & Video Publishing (October 18)

To Do This Week

Blog Prompt: Share with the class a favorite podcast or videoblog  that you think consistently produces great work. What do you think is effective in the main theme, topics and production values? If you don’t listen to podcasts, try listening an episode of This American Life, The Moth or Serial. 

What are your thoughts about publishing audio in the form of podcasts, video blogs (that are primarily spoken) and audiobooks?  What makes this an effective digital publishing format?  

Class Notes

  1. audiobooks
  2. podcasting
  3. Youtube channels
  4. livestreams
  5. book trailers



         Audiobooks are the fastest growing format in publishing. 

         AI-audio recordings of magazine and newspapers articles are growing in popularity (as tech improves?)

73% of over-12s in the US (approximately 209 million people) listened to online audio in the past month (2022)²⁹:

    • 87% of 12 to 34-year-olds
    • 81% of 35 to 54-year-olds
    • 52% of 55 and overs

Monthly listeners cite the following reasons for listening to spoken-word audio⁴

    • the ability to multitask (71% — the most popular reason)
    • it allows them to process information more efficiently (60%)
    • they like listening more than reading (56%)
    • they need to stay informed (52%)



With  5,000 downloads per episode, you can charge for advertising space on your show – advertisement space + affiliate sales (sharing product information).

Highest reach is achieved by episodes 1) published on Wednesday 2) their length is between 30 and 40 minutes 3) one episode per week publishing schedule. Plenty of exceptions to these rules.

1,000 downloads per episode,  no sponsors yet:

  • $100/month in Patreon support
  • $150/month in affiliate sales
  • $495/month in course sales
  • Total = $745/month

5,000 downloads per episode, with sponsors and ads:

  • $1,200/month in ads
  • $500/month in Patreon support
  • $750/month in affiliate sales
  • $2,475/month in course sales
  • Total = $4,925/month

10,000 downloads per episode:

  • $6,000/month in ads
  • $1,000/month in Patreon support
  • $1,500/month in affiliate sales
  • $4,950/month in course sales
  • Total = $13,450/month

*data from castos

YouTube Channels:

To make money from YouTube ads, subscriptions and channel memberships, creators need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year.  Creators can make around $18 per 1,000 ad views, which comes out to $3 to $5 per 1,000 video views. A creator with 100,000 subscribers and 2 new videos each week can make $600 to $1,000 per week. With one million subscribers, $6,000 to $10,000 per week.



Event recording, such as readings and panels discussions. But also documentation recorded live and then published.




In-Class exercise:

In small groups, invent a Podcast and/or YouTube Channel. Imagine an investor has given you $15,000 and audio/video equipment to create a demo of three episodes for a new audio and/or video show that will pay for itself and grow through advertisements, affiliate sales and/or subscriptions. 

  • Choose a general subject area: fiction or nonfiction storytelling, arts, technology, history, cooking, health, language, science, philosophy, current issues, news analysis, how-to
  • What is the title of your show?
  • How long is each episode and how often published?
  • What is the theme and/or subject? 
  • What is the visual and/or auditory style?
  • How many people would you hire?
  • What sort of advertisers or sponsors would you approach to support your show?
  • What are the first three episodes about?
  • How might you expand into other formats, create premium content, services, online courses or other product sales?

Multimodal Projects ToDo:

Have at least one section or chapter of text ready for formatting next week. This does not need to be fully edited, but it should have multiple paragraphs, headers, bullet points(?), footnote(?), placeholders for image or media content. Next week we will work on CSS design for reading.

Also, discuss how you will complete the writing and copyediting on a schedule for Nov 8th publication.


Multimodal Publication (small groups): 20%

For the Multimodal Project, you will be working in groups of 3-5 students. As a publishing team, you are to come up with a web-based publishing project that uses different media (text, image, video, animation, audio, interactive media, etc) to express, address and/or educate about a single topic. The topic could be a “how to” explanation or demonstration of skills, a collection of works of digital fiction or art that share a theme, a multimedia exploration of a moment or period of history, or an engaging resource of information around a topic. The final publication must…

  • Involve the collaborative efforts of each student in the group, with planned editing workflows and responsibilities
  • Address design issues around Hyper and Deep attention of readers
  • Design should include a designed cover of the “book” as well as media as illustration and/or interactive demonstrations of ideas
  • Take care in the quality, clarity and accessibility of text, media and web design
  • Be presented in a designed web interface
  • Have an about page with the roles of each student, date and other publishing information
  • Be promoted through DTC Slack channels with engaging multimodal messaging


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