April 12: Mobile Fiction



Blast Theory

The Ingress

Cardiff & Miller

These Pages Fall Like Ash


Voice Map (app for geolocative audio stories)

Mobile Fiction template


ELD Entries (grading)

  1. Following the guidelines/instructions
  2. Clarity of writing
  3. Grammar, Spelling and Syntax


Prep Mobile Fictions – where is the start?

Class Group Projects:

Oral Presentation:

  1. Articulate main ideas of your paper/project
  2. Provide one or two concrete examples that support or demonstrate your ideas
  3. Keep under under 4 minutes, allow 1-2 minutes for questions.
  4. If possible, use Google Slides and embed in a blog post. Or make a link to your work-in-progress in a blog post

Final Projects Grading:

  1. Clarity of argument or project idea
  2. Integration themes and ideas in course
  3. Grammar, Spelling AND Syntax – read the paper aloud to yourself! (avoid you or I pronouns)

Oral Presentations…

Workshop on Final Projects


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