Blogging (2% per post x 10 posts = 20%)

I will provide blogging prompts and/or exercises to help you think about the themes each week. However, these posts should be like journal entries about your encounters with work and the ideas in the class and should direct you creatively and critically toward your final project.

Blog posts should be approximately 250-500 words , demonstrate a solid understanding of the readings and the ongoing themes in the course, be crafted as mini-essays with proper grammar and spelling and include a “featured image”.

As upper-level university students at a Tier 1 research institution, your writing proficiency should reflect that status. We will discuss what makes good blog writing throughout the course.

-posts are a proper and timely response to the week’s reading(s) and prompt
-posts are developed arguments with (if required) supporting evidence (quotes, images etc.)
-posts are around 250-500 words
-posts are formatted with a featured image,  blockquotes, external links (where appropriate), categories, tags
-you make 5-10 comments on classmates’ (in your group) blog posts (during the semester)

B:  significantly deficient in any one of the above areas

C:  significantly deficient in any two of the above areas

D-F:  significantly deficient in all 3 of the above areas

ELD Entry (20%)

Write a research entry for the Electronic Literature Directory (ELD) about a term or a work of a electronic literature. The essay should be 500-750 words and include a bibliography, screen gabs or screen captures. A list of terms and works will be provided.

Read Guidelines

List of Chosen Topics/Works

Final Essay (40%)

Write an 2500-3000 word digital essay or research paper about a particular work or a comparison of 2-3 works; or about processes, techniques, themes and/or genres discussed in class. The topic is quite open. Use in-class scholarly readings, screen grabs/captures and any outside resources that you find helpful. Please provide a bibliography for all resources and citations.


Create a work of electronic literature (with Twine or HTML) that explores themes/topics/processes discussed in class. The creative work should include a 500-1000 word artist statement discussing the ideas you are exploring in the work. It should engage with class readings.

  • Topics must be emailed to me for approval.
  • You may use Twine or HTML to present your paper.


Final Essay Meeting  (5%)

You must meet with me by Skype or during office hours to discuss the draft of your Final Essay or E-lit Work. 15-30 minutes.

Oral presentation (5%)

Make a 5 minute oral presentation (lightning talk) of the main ideas in your final essay or work of e-lit.  Presentations will be made in the last class of the semester. You will take questions and feedback for the final rewrite of the paper or reworking of your e-lit project.

Participation (10%)

  • full attention to lectures, screenings and discussions
  • involvement and preparedness in class discussions and exercises (do the reading!)