Text Editors

  • TextWrangler (Mac, recommended for this class)The program “Text Wrangler” on the Macintosh computer makes it quite easy to write and edit XHTML code for your webpages. It is much easier to use than “Note Pad” on the Windows side. However, there can be a problem when you create code using “Text Wrangler” and then try to edit it using “Note Pad.” To be able to work with your code at both school and home, using both “Text Wrangler” and “Note Pad,” follow these steps:
    1. Select “Preferences” > > > “Text Files”
    2. Select the “Default Line Breaks: Windows (CRLF)” setting (not default)

    Now, you should be able to create code at school using “Text Wrangler” on a Macintosh computer, save it onto your portable storage device, take it home, open it with “Note Pad” on a PC, and work with no trouble

  • NOTEPAD ++

Web Design / Basics

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Designing with the Grid


Public Domain Images

Testing and Debugging

Tools & Widgets

Javascript Galleries, Lightbox & Effects



Video Capture

Video Compression


Personal Portfolio Websites

Narrative Design

Interactive “stories”:

Electronic Literature:

Scroll Narratives:

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