WEEK 7: Objects, Geojson & MapBox
(February 20 & 22)

To Do This Week:

Gather info and build Mapbox projects


Map Projects List 

Map ideas:
Mapbox GL JS examples
Student maps: Fall 2019 | Spring 2020

Mapbox Styles: Mapbox Styles Gallery | Mapbox Studio to access map style

Objects, JSON and MapBox :
intro to JSON: javascript object notation, used for storing and exchanging data.
Mapbox-markers-example – Geojson | Mapbox-markers-example-ZIP
JS fades with CSS and JS classList method


Map project help


Mapbox-markers-example –  map 

Object Literals:

let meal = {
   vegetable: "peppers",
   protein:  "chicken",
   carb: "rice",
   expression : function() {
        alert("buen provecho!");      
   spicy: ["none", "mild", "medium", "hot"],
   country: {
       name: "Mexico";
       location: [lat, long];

meal.protein;  // returns "chicken"
meal.expression();  // returns alert box that says "buen provecho!"
meal.spicy[1]; // returns "mild"
meal.country.location[0]; //returns lat