WEEK 9: Audio/Video Project
(March 6 & 8)

To Do This Week:

Map Projects Due After the Break on March 20th


AUDIO/VIDEO & JavaScript

DOM elements: querySelector & querySelectorAll
Events: timeupdate
Array methods: find()
A/V Methods: addtexttrack
CSS animation: @keyframe


Final Project ideas

Map Projects
Map Projects List 

AUDIO/VIDEO Project  (5%)
Due March 27th

In this project you are to use JavaScript to manipulate audio and/or video elements on the page. Come up with an idea for what you want to do, such as:

  • karaoke lyrics to a public domain audio or video tack,
  • text or commentary to accompany a video,
  • page style changes to match video
  • an interactive video story or essay
  • a work of sound/visual art

Write out the algorithm (the steps of instructions for what you want to do) and use this to begin coding the JavaScript. You may use ChatGPT to assist you with the code, but you are required to make a statement in the head to describe how you used ChatGPT

Your JavaScript must have detailed comments at each stage of the script describing what the code is doing.

Using Math.random


function getRandomInt(min, max) {
return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1)) + min;

let x = getRandomInt(0, 20);