Welcome to the Course

Electronic literature (or e-lit) is described as born digital literary work––that is, literature produced with and only experienced on a computing device. It can take the form of a hypertext narrative created with Twine, as in Porpentine’s “With Those We Love Alive,” or app-based poems as in Stephanie Strickland and Ian Hatcher’s Vniverse, or video game like Tiger & Squid’s Beyond Eyes. As a form tied to digital technologies, e-lit is constantly evolving with the tools used to produce it.

During the course of this session, you will be exposed to various works of e-lit and theories that have emerged to conceptualize it. Each day is aimed at providing you with a different, yet intellectually cohesive, focus of this emergent literary form so that you can yourself teach e-lit in your own classrooms and/or engage in a study of it for your own research.