Works by Course Participants

During the 4.5 days of the course, our participants learned how to make works of e-lit with Twine and write about e-lit works for the Electronic Literature Directory (ELD). Below is a list of the week’s output.

Heather Dean
Comma” (Twine narrative)

Marta Deyrup & Mouannes Hojairi
ELD Entry for Andrew Campana’s “Automation”

Astrid Ensslin
ELD Entry for Bastian Böttcher’s “Looppool”
Count the Animals!” (Twine game for children)

Mark A Horney
“1729: An Exploration in Numerology” (Twine essay)

Leanne Johnson
Dear Liza” (Twine narrative)

Ewan Matthews
Doom-of-Ludi’Chrysia” (Twine game)

Najla Jarkas
Monkey on My Shoulder” (Twine narrative)

Robyn Stobbs
Cheshire Cat-erpillar” (Twine narrative)