Critical Writing

During the course participants undertook critical writing for the ELMCIP Knowledge Base and the Electronic Literature Directory (ELD), following the guidelines for submission outlined by the Editorial Board. These peer-reviewed entries are formal reviews of works of electronic literature and contribute to the scholarship of the field.

For the ELMCIP Knowledge Base they documented the Issue 16 of Hyperrhiz Spring 2017, entitled Globalizing Electronic Literature.

Below is the list of participants and the works about which they wrote:

Elias Adanu: “Flash Fiction Ghana
Darrell Bailie: “Fibonacci’s Daughter,” by M. D. Coverley
Brandi Estey-Burtt: “A Duck Has an Adventure,” by
Andrew W. Klein: “The Bible Went Down with the Birdie Jean,” by Randy R. Potts
Kristen Lillvis: “The Struggle Continues,” by Young Have-Chang Heavy Industries
Simone Murray: “Twists and Turns,” J. Walter Thompson
Adela María Ramos: “Shandean Ambles,” by Deena Larsen
Scott Rogers: “Redshift and Portalmetal,” Micha Cardenas
Corey T. Sparks, “Sea and Spar Between,” by Nick Montfort & Stephanie Strickland
Amber Strother: “Cyberqueen,” by Porpentine
Gabriella Baeza Ventura: “Poemita,” by Eduardo Navas
Anna Wilson, “Seven Shorts Stories about Drones,” Teju Cole
Joseph Jones, Zachary Mann, Alyssa Wynans: “Taroko Gorge” and Remixes, by Nick Montfort
Laura Blair, Jacqueline S Parker, Seamus Riordan-Short: “Inanimate Alice, Episode 2,” by Kate Pullinger