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    Treasures Added to the Collection

    ELL is a preservation lab built on the idea that a working collection provides the opportunity to study a work in its original format and with the technology as close to that which the work had been typically experienced when it was first released. We do not reject emulation and migration, but rather see all three of the approaches to digital preservation as important to long-term sustainability of a work. Key to our collection approach is documentation. In essence, we preserve to document––and we are moving as quickly as we can so that the computers and software we need are still able to work. Thus, our collection of hardware and software is just…

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    Grants Submitted, Now the Wait

    This fall I submitted a LOI to the Lannan Foundation and a proposal to the Dreyfus Foundation for grants in support of our documentation and archival work in ELL. The Lannan Foundation grant would go toward the larger effort, the Electronic Literature Archives (ELA), where documentation figures as one of five funded activities. The others include 1) CELL Project (Consortium for Electronic Literature, http://cellproject.net), 2) The Electronic Literature Collection (ELC, http://collection.eliterature.org), 3) The Electronic Literature Directory (ELD, http://directory.eliterature.org), and 4) The Electronic Literature Repository (ELR). I serve as the lead PI in a team consisting of Sandy Baldwin (RIT),  Joseph Tabbi (UIC), Stuart Moulthrop (U of Wisconsin Milwaukee), and Leonardo Flores (UPR). The Dreyfus Foundation grant…

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    Keynote on Preserving Visceral Media

    I gave the keynote at the International Digital Media Arts Association last week on the topic of preserving visceral media. Doing so has helped me think through the Pathfinders preservation methodology and the Traversal process. As Stuart and I have stated a Traversal involves audio and video recording of demonstrations performed on historically appropriate platforms. It is the most important components of the Pathfinders approach. Here is the list of components that comprise our methodology: A Traversal by the artist Traversals by two interactors-users-readers Photographs of the material artifact (e.g. floppy disk, CD-ROM) Detailed description of the material artifact Sound files Essays (analysis by editors and others) Authors’ bios History and provenance of the…

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    Polish Scholar Researching Digital Poetry in the Electronic Literature Lab

    Monika Górska-Olesínka, faculty in the Department of Theatre, Film, and New Media at the University of Opole and a specialist in cyberculture, digital textuality, and electronic literature, will be conducting archival research during September in the Electronic Literature Lab at Washington State University Vancouver. Her project focuses on the award-winning hypertext poem, True North, published by digital poet Stephanie Strickland in 1997 on 3 ¼-inch diskette. Górska-Olesínka is author of the books, Words in the Web: Electronic Discourses; Liberature, e-Literature and Remixes; and From Liberature to E-Literature, as well as numerous articles on Polish digital poetry and writing. The Electronic Literature Lab (ELL), directed by Dr. Dene Grigar, is one…

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    Welcoming New Post-Doc to ELL

    We are very excited to announce that Monika Górska-Olesińska from the University of Opole will be coming to ELL, September 14-30, 2016,  to work on her project, “The Poetry@Science in the Works of Stephanie Strickland.” Dr. Górska-Olesińska holds a PhD (2006) in Art and Humanities from Jagiellonian University in Krakow and serves as Assistant Professor  in the Department of Theatre, Film and New Media at the Institute of Polish Language and Culture Studies. Her research interests include cyberculture, new media art, media theory, digital textuality, electronic literature, history of technology, the intersection of art and science. She is the author of three books and over 15 peer reviewed articles and book chapters.

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    An Exhibit of Historical Archives of Electronic Literature

    An Exhibit of Historical Archives of Electronic Literature 6-17 June 2016 McPherson Library, Special Collections & University Archives University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. From the Archives of Dene Grigar & Marjorie C. Luesebrink Curated by Faculty & Participants of DHSI 2016 Introduction to Electronic Literature   Curatorial Statement It’s interesting to think about the process by which a field develops, the fertile combination of ideas, technologies, resources, and people that give birth to and sustain a different intellectual approach from what had already existed. Situated during the Digital Humanities Summer Institute and the annual conference of the Electronic Literature Organization, this exhibit of historical archives from the collections of Dene Grigar and…

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    An Afternoon with afternoon

    ELL hosted noted e-lit authors and theorists Michael Joyce and Carolyn Guyer yesterday. Joyce read from his 1987 hypertext novel afternoon: a story, and both he and Carolyn talked about their involvement in the early development of the field. The papers, CDs, diskettes you see on the table come from my own archive as well as the one sent to me by Marjorie Luesebrink in preparation for the exhibit of e-lit history at the University of Victoria. Joyce and Guyer walked the audience through each item and provided background and context on the works and events they represent. We documented over two hours of conversation and plan to include it in the…

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    Preparing for a Traversal with Michael Joyce

    On May 3, Michael Joyce, author of important e-lit works like afternoon: a story and Twelve Blue as well as numerous books of media theory including Of Two Minds and Othermindedness, will conduct a practice Traversal and Interview of afternoon in preparing for Pathfinders, Volume 2.  I will post here some of the video clips of the event. In January we held a Reader Traversal and Interview of afternoon with media scholar James O’Sullivan. The video, prepared by CMDC student, Shane Staub, was featured in the Paraules Pixelates exhibit curated by Laura Borràs and Giovanna Di Rosario, in Barcelona, Spain from 1/28-4/10/2016. Pathfinders, Volume 2 will feature, along with Joyce, M. D. Coverley and Stuart Moulthrop.

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    Dr. Daniela Côrtes Maduro Coming to ELL

    Portuguese scholar, Dr. Daniela Côrtes Maduro, will be conducting research in ELL from May 9-June 5. Maduro earned a PhD in 2014 in Materialities of Literature from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Coimbra. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher from the University of Bremen in Germany and a Marie Curie COFUND Fellow working on the project, “Shapeshifting texts: keeping track of electronic literature.” She comes to ELL to study in our archives. She will be with us until June 5 and travel then to the Electronic Literature Organization’s 2016 conference.

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    Welcome Ryan House

    We are very excited to announce that Ryan House will be serving as Research Assistant in ELL during spring 2016. He holds a M.A. in English from WSU Pullman and is interested in video games, science fiction and electronic literature. His main duties will be to help inventory the software and manuals in the ELL Collection as well as assist with documenting early works of electronic literature.