Update, Questions

Don’t forget to choose a game to research for Game Changers. Madeleine has made a page on our website with all of the links you need.

We will take a look at previous exhibits that we have mounted. Visit the curation section of http://nouspace.net/dene. There are numerous exhibits sites to look at. Pick 2. Be ready to talk about your observations.

Finally, your first inventory will be due NEXT Sunday night. So, make sure your curated Word Press site is ready.

Here are the questions for Wednesday’s class:

  1. What is your general take on Chus Martinez’s chapter, “What Is Art?” Does it provide you with any new insights about art?
  2. Look up some of the contextual elements found in Martinez’s chapter. Who is Franco, for example, and why would he have exerted such influence upon the writer?
  3. Check out Hegel and Danto. Who are they? What is their relationship to art?
  4. Finally, what is the overall tone of this chapter?
  5. In regards to Chapter 4,”What about Collecting,” what does Sofia Hernandez Chong Cuy say about collections?
  6. Google the Guggenheim Bilboa. Look at images of the building.  What kind of art do you expect to see exhibited there?  Compare it with WSUV’s gallery located next to the cafeteria in the Administration Building. What kind of art would you see shown there?  Why the difference? (Think beyond money and costs).
  7. Chong Cuy asks the question, “Could a collection of contemporary art remain contemporary?” (65). What is contemporary art? (hint: look it up). Based on your findings, how would you respond to this question?

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