For Next Wednesday

Your first Inventory Assignment will be due Sunday night by 8 p.m., and you must comment on two classmates’ blog post by the next class (3:10 p.m. Wednesday).
Many of you have not yet finished organizing your blogs and will need to get this done before next Wednesday. I have asked Kate to contact you to see if you need help with understanding how to upload images, make a menu, or create pages or posts.
Here is more information about the assignment:
Your Post
1: Look at the archival site for Game Changers 2015 (
2. Find one theme from the four chapters of Ten Fundamentals as they are reflected in this exhibit.
3. Write a post consisting of 300-500 words on that theme. Be sure to run your post through Spellcheck and use excellent grammar. In other words, do college level work.
Your Responses to Other Posts
1. Pick two blog posts written by others in the class.
2. Read the two posts.
3. Write a response to each of the two posts. Your response should focus on ideas and away from evaluation. In other words, don’t say the post was good, but say why you agree or disagree with the view expressed and why.
Finally, I have updated the schedule to reflect the new students who have enrolled in the course.

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