What is an Exhibition? Why Mediate Art?

According to Filipovic, what is an exhibition, and why is Graciela Carnevale’s 1968 exhibition considered one?

What should an exhibition “incite”?

“The ephemerality and lack of absoluteness of an exhibition might be its most important features” (78). How does a statement like this one fit well with digital media exhibitions like the ones we are doing in this class?

What does Susan Sontag means when she says, “Art is not only about something; it is something” (79)?

Explain this statement: “To propose a reading of an artwork is different than to claim to know what that artwork ultimately or definitely ‘means’: the artwork” (80).

What is Lind’s general perspective of the Museum of Modern Art’s approach to “mainstream museum education” (85)?

What is “[c]ollective spectatorship” (87)?

What is “didacticism” (88), and why does Lind not like it for museum education?

What can social media offer “experience-based guided tours and workshops” (89)?

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