On March 22, representatives from Microsoft Studios are visiting the MOVE Lab to see the VR and AR projects underway by faculty and students. We have prepared an impressive line up for this visit:

  • Motion Tracking/VR Projects, Dr. Dene Grigar
  • Life Renewed: Mount St. Helens Science and Learning Center, Grigar & Greg Philbrook
  • iSci: Interactive Technologies for Science Immersion Dr. Alex Dimitrov, Grigar & Philbrook
  • T1VR, The T1VR Team, Seniors, CMDC
  • Drink • Draw • Jump: PIG Squad VR Project. Connor Goglin, Senior, CMDC
  • Innovate Arts; Building Stories, Kate Palermini, Junior, CMDC

They will also visit Professor Brenda Grell’s Advanced Animation and tour the Electronic Literature Lab.


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