Culture + Sound = Music (And Videos)

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Culture + Sound = Music (And Videos)


Our world is filled with sound. From the moment we wake up, the rhythm of our lives pushes us through the day and onto the next. Music and sound used to dominate our world, but as technology has been born and society progressed into a less dangerous world, we now live with our eyes than our ears. In order for musical artists to keep up, music videos were created to hold both the viewer’s ears and eyes.

In this modern world of technology, we see artists creating both auditory and visual stories that portray their lives and their cultures. We see different cultures all around the world, bringing different artists and creators to the world.

Research Question

And so this begs the question; Can music, and especially music videos leave a lasting impression on the cultures of our world?

With the constant advancement of technology, what does the future hold for music and our world?