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Step 1- Go to App store to find Aurasma

Find your application icon on your mobile device and click on it.

find your app icon

Step 2- Download free application

Search for "Aurasma" in the search bar of the application store until you find the Aurasma app that should look similar to the image on the left. Touch the button to download this app for free.

download for free

Step3- Open Aurasma

Open your Aurasma application once it has downloaded.

open your aurasma app

Step4- Locate project channel

Once Aurasma is open, find the magnifying glass on the bottom of your screen and touch it. Search for "Around the World in 80 Days" in the search bar. Locate the correct channel which is shown circled in the image to the left and is created by the CMDC.

search and locate aurasma channel

Step5- Follow channel

Follow the channel by touching the "Follow" button which is shown circled to the left. Now you will be able to see all augmented reality images created for this project.

follow Around the World in 80 Days

Step6- Interact with Augmented Reality

Stay in the Aurasma application and use your camera to hover over images within this project and any other channels you have followed. You will notice that the app is trying to read the image when the dots on the screen move in and out from what is in your cameras view. Soon, the image will appear once Aurasma has read the trigger image!
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hold up camera to display and interact with media