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Dino de AElfweald

Dino de AElfweald is the voice of Aouda in the website's podcast journal entries. She volunteered her time to help with the "Aouda's Adventure" project which was helpful in reintegrating the Willamette Radio Workshop's performance because she was the voice of Aouda in their rendition of Around the World in 80 Days as well.

Sam A. Mowry

A special thanks to Sam, a professional actor and artistic director in the Willamette Radio Workshop for helping with our project. He helped the "Aouda's Adventure" team get in touch with voice actress Dino de AElfweald for the voice of Princess Aouda, and lent us his expertise by recording Dino de AElfweald.

Dan Wyatt

Dan is the owner at Kiggins Theatre of Downtown Vancouver, WA and hosted the opening event of the Willamette Radio Workshop live performance rendition of Around the World in 80 Days, a novel by Jules Verne. He spent countless hours in the Digital Storytelling class helping students develop their transmedia project ideas as part of the Around the World in 80 Days exhibition that took place in Kiggins Theatre and in Nouspace Gallery during the student work exhibition Chronicles: Stories of the Past, Present & Future.

Amalia Vacca

Amalia was a tremendous help throughout this project. She was lead curator the entire Around the World in 80 Days exhibition, familiarized students with transmedia technologies such as Aurasma, which is used in "Aouda's Adventures", and printed all of the physical materials for the exhibition of "Aouda's Adventures".

Creative Media and Digital Culture Program

The Creative Media and Digital Culture Program helped facilitate the learning and project planning that initially inspired the "Aouda's Adventures" transmedia project. This project was created in Summer 2014 in Dr. John F. Barber's Digital Storytelling class where students put their learning to the test and used many different immersive digital platforms and creative methods to tell one story.