McKenzie Wells

Multimedia Content Creator


Infographic Video

Trump passed the Internet Service Provider bill April 3rd, 2017. This allows all ISPs, whether hard wired into your home, like Comcast and Centurylink, or mobile phone companies, like Verizon and T-Mobile, to sell your browsing history. The basis of the bill is oddly specific and has been setup to undercut a bill that Obama passed before he left office. That other bill was to make customers give permission to ISPs to sell their browsing history if they wanted.

McKenzie created the animated infographic with Adobe After Effects and assembled the clips with Adobe Premiere Pro. Music is by Krazis from a creative commons website.

The Lone Pawn

3D animation of a chess piece being guided by magical orbs though a valley. Modeling, texturing, lighting, camera keyframing, and rendering was done by McKenzie. There was an initial storyboarding process done before moving forward on the animation. Rendering was completed in Maya, processed with After Effects, and assembled in Premiere Pro along with music that was created in Ableton Live.