Amnesia : Restored

The Original Adventure Game by Thomas M. Disch

A new version of the cult classic published by Electronic Arts 1986, now available on the web for contemporary computers.

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Get a peek at the new mechanics, modes of play, assets, and other features in the restored version of Amnesia

gamepieces from the original 1984 Amnesia game

New Game Features

Amnesia: Restored offers four modes of gameplay for players to experience: the original Apple IIe, Commodore 64, and IBM PC, and the new web-based, contemporary mode for today’s computing devices. It also restores the portions of Disch’s manuscript omitted by Electronic Arts when it published the game in 1986. Other features include an easily accessible x-street indexer, interactive map of Manhattan, list of commands, address book, and 3D inventory of assets.

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New Functionality

A user-friendly interface allows players to choose the game mode and level of difficulty they wish to play. Assets originally accessed through word commands or bundled as additional physical finding aids in Amnesia have been integrated seamlessly into Amnesia: Restored and found easily via icons located on the game interface.

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