Community is about the moments when we gather together to share our stories. CCHM invites you to experience those stories through our Events, Tours, and Exhibits.

Brad Richardson, the Executive Director of the CCHM, discusses the museum as a place for people to gather and tell their stories.

From the objects we cherish, to the stories we tell, each of us play a part in our collective history. Help CCHM save those moments by Donating, becoming a Member, or Volunteering today.

April Buzby and Gretchen Hoyt from the CCHM discuss the importance of saving the historical objects of Clark County.

History is full of fascinating stories and events ready to be shared. Uncover new stories through CCHM’s Research Library and Digital Collections. Or browse our Services and see how we can help you preserve our shared history.

Brad Richardson explains the importance of sharing Clark County’s stories and history.

What We Do


The Clark County Historical Society (CCHS) was established in 1917 to assist in the preservation of historic sites. Today, we are a vibrant museum featuring exhibits, talks, and events focusing on local stories across all segments of Clark County’s history. We embrace those memories and care for the history being written everyday, so they are never forgotten.


Take a walk through our galleries and learn more about Clark County and the people who have shaped the place we call home.


Explore the history of Clark County through our guided tours in and around the community.

Hand outside holding grayscale image of brick building over street view of building, Clark County Historical Museum
Two speakers sit on stage in black leather chairs, man on left woman on right, screen in background


Engaging speakers and topics selected to pique your curiosity and deepen your knowledge of our shared story.