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See how we made VanParksVision

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VanParksVision is an app that enables users to imagine future parks. In redesigning the app, the team utilized a variety of skills, including 3D modeling, creation and animation of 2D assets, video filming and editing, sound creation and editing, logo creation and animation, preparing a social media plan to promote the app and of course, developing an entire app.

Due to the challenging and intensive nature of this project, a team with a variety of skills was required to give it a new life. The team had 16 weeks to complete the second iteration of the app, which was one of several challenges.

The Challenges


The first version of VanParksVision had a lot that could be improved upon. The amount of changes that were needed, including opportunities to improve styling and accessibility, meant a brand new rework was in order.

Planning Ahead

The team wanted the City of Vancouver to be able to add more parks and content in the future, which meant the app had to be made modular. By keeping a consistent design across the app, creating a moodboard and following style guidelines, the team ensured that the client will be able to continue developing the app as more parks are built and/or renovated.

No Park Yet

It’s difficult to imagine something that is only on paper or something that does not yet exist. The team was tasked with the challenge of using augmented reality to bring park plans to life, so users could eventually visualize these structures in the palms of their hands.

Telling A Story

The first iteration of the app lacked fully-developed content. In this second edition, the team wanted to provide users with interactive, informative and engaging content. An interesting challenge here was creating a story for North Image Park, which had not even begun construction yet, so the team capitalized on the dinosaur theme of the park to generate excitement.

App Features

AR Visualizations

Augmented Reality is available for users to view 3D models of new park structures. Users will be able to move, zoom, and rotate the models to see what will be coming to a park near them!


Video is an important media to utilize, as it is often more engaging than text or a still image. Combining video, audio and voice-over is an excellent way to interest users and display a lot of information in an enjoyable and entertaining manner.


With the parks coming to Vancouver being all-inclusive, it only makes sense that the app should be as well. The accessibility team worked to create an app that anyone can use. Options for captions, audio descriptions, a colorblind mode, and many more features to improve accessibility are available to ensure an amazing experience for any user.

Interactive Map

Understanding the layout of a park is important but the team wanted to take it a step further. The end result was an interactive map where users could see amenities and park structures, even before they were built.

Technology Stack

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Viro React

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React Native

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Mapbox GL

The Architecture

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Design Section

color swatches with hex-codes and descriptive names
squares and circles
typography information
sample button images

See What Can Be

illustration of log tower slide

Park Mascot Concepts


In order to convince others to use the app, it needs to be promoted. Following the City of Vancouver’s social media guidelines, a social media calendar was created detailing posts about the app. The posts not only informed the users about the different features, but encouraged users to go out and use the app in the parks. Posts were created for a three month period post-launch, and media for the posts includes assets and videos from the app to engage and excite viewers.


After 16 weeks, the VanParksVision app was finished. Created through the collaboration of 27 talented individuals, this app utilizes augmented reality, interactive maps, video and more in a neat and fully accessible package. We hope you enjoy VanParksVision and the parks in Vancouver, Washington.

A special thank you to the CMDC faculty, usability testers, and the City of Vancouver, all of whom provided invaluable help in the creation of this innovative app.