Future Parks At Your Fingertips


VanParksVision is a mobile app that uses augmented reality to reimagine upcoming Vancouver, Washington parks. The app showcases the changes coming to Vancouver parks and provides information helpful to guests, such as hours, amenities, and accessibility features. Designed to be used by all ages and abilities, the app is interactive, informative, and innovative.

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The Team

The teams behind VanParksVision brought a variety of skills & abilities to the app. Teams consisted of Designers, Web & App Developers, Videographers, 3D Modelers, 2D Artists, and Promotional Strategists. Collaboration was key as each team worked to bring the vision of “Future Parks At Your Fingertips” to reality. Take a look at all of the incredible talent each member brought to the project.


Case Study

The process of building the VanParksVision app was a task that required thoughtfulness and skillful planning. How could the students showcase park structures that don’t exist? What steps were necessary to make sure the app was accessible? Here, the team documents their journey of discovery and creation in one comprehensive study.

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What is the purpose of this app?
The VanParksVision app allows users to learn about and experience future changes to two Vancouver parks, Marshall Park and North Image Park, as well as details relating to amenities, accessibility, and key features.

Do I need to pay for this app?
The VanParksVision app is free.

How do I start using the app?
Once you download and install the app, you can tap on the app’s launcher icon to get started. When you first use the app, you will be greeted with a quick tutorial that lets you know how to use the app and what amenities are available for you to use. After your first use, however, you can go directly to the exciting content.