Header image for the home page feauring a screen capture from the game

Opening cut-scene animation from game

Huli: A 2D Puzzle-Platformer Adventure

Screen-capture of level three

Explore Their Enchanted World

In a long-forgotten place, two ethereal entities named Huli and Maomi maintain the celestial balance of the spirit world. When a mysterious dark force threatens that balance, they spring into action and defeat the darkness at great personal cost. Join Huli and Maomi as they traverse eight lush, hand-drawn landscapes and try to reunite with each other after being tragically separated.

Discover Forgotten Places

  • Explore a mystical world and triumph over the invading dark forces.
  • Traverse landscapes and recover Maomi’s spirit orbs.
  • Restore balance to the spirit world by reuniting Huli and Maomi.
  • Unlock hidden secrets.
screen capture of level 2