Part 1: Non Fiction Storytelling on the Web

Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek, by John Branch. Free:

The Whale Hunt, by Jonathan Harris. Free:

Dyatlov Group Journal: The Last Page. Free:

Borneo Is Burning, by Rebecca Wright, Ivan Watson, and Masrur Jamaluddin et al. Free:


Part 2: The Interactive Narrative, 1986-2018

Amnesia, by Thomas Disch. In-class. Free.

Stanley Parable, by Davey Wreden, by on Steam, $14.99:;

Bandersnatch; In-class. Free.


Part 3: Mobile Stories

The Secret Language of Desire, by Megan Heyward. In-class. Free.

 A Modern Ghost, by Alt Salt. Free:

 Lifeline, by 3-Minute Games. $1.99: Apple App Store:; Google Play:

Upgrade Soul, by Erik Loyer. Chapter 1, Free; Chapters 2-6: $3.99: Apple App Store:; No Android version.

 The Forever Club, by Alan Bigelow, Episodes 1-6; Free:


Part 4: XR Storytelling (This module changed to Twine Stories when the course moved to the virtual classroom)

A Place Called Ormalcy, by Mez Breeze. Free:

The Under Presents, by Tender Claws. In-class. Free:

Perpetual Nomads, by Bradfield Company. In-class. Free:

Between Page and Screen, by Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse. In-class. Free:


We also have an online electronic resource (OER) that we will use in the course as a reference resource.

Total cost of resources to students: ~$20.00