“Twine Stories” is an exhibition of 18 digital narratives, produced by students in DTC 354 Digital Storytelling, that feature Twine as its storytelling platform. Working either independently or in collaboration with others, students used storytelling techniques gained during the semester to create hypertextual, interactive, and/or gameful environments aimed at showcasing their talents and skills with the digital medium. Because the course moved to the virtual classroom beginning March 16, all of the training and tutoring in Twine and collaboration among teams to produce the narratives took place via Zoom. Thus, the exhibition is a testament not only to the talent of DTC students but of their determination and drive to create. Turn on your sound, and get ready to click . . .



Andrew Thompson & Rachael Kramer, “The Dust Below”  Read More




Katya Farinsky & Elyse Mollahan, “The Drowning City”  Read More




Sandra Bush, “Every Corner” Read More




Elaina Sundwall & Dave Sabrowski, “Mkali’s Wrath” Read More




Bogdan Storozkho, “Habitable”  Read More




Yunjee Um & Lauren Varney, “the truth” Read More




Matthew Francisco, “The Elemental Princess”  Read More




Kenia Garnica-Avila, “Trail of Clues”  Read More




Matt Gisby, “A Light Fade” Read More




Zane Jager, “An Old Day: Нещасний випадок”  Read More




Jake Maygra, Arthur Luangphasy, & Brandon Touhey, “Cold Connection”  Read More




Cassie Dillhoff, “The Reunion” Read More





Brianna McMillan, “New Boy”  Read More




Andrew Greenwood, “The Fragile Mind”  Read More




Andrew Chen, “Hunger No More”  Read More




Haley Miller, “Point of View”  Read More




Seth Jordan & Damon Day, “Isle of God”  Read More





Arhia Nicholas, “Frog and the Magic Scarf” Read More





Barysh Agiliyev, “Island Reach” Read More