June 23rd: Introduction

zoom session recorded June 22nd at 12:30pm:



course description
online learning
issues around copyright/plagiarism/remix
class structure: read/respond/discuss/make
reading/writing for each module: about 2 hours

course aims vs student aims:

  • the course will introduce key ideas and terms relevant to the study of digital technology and culture.
  • students will follow their own interests and passions through blogging, class discussions, creative short-assignments and projects


  • overview of the OER textbook: chapters/modules
  • theoretical essays/articles – underlining, rereading and note-taking. 


  • i will post my own questions and select 2 of you (weekly) to  post your own discussion questions on Slack
  • be part of the discussion – at least two substantial (paragraph) posts to Slack each week
  • connect ideas from other readings/discussions
  • share links that relate to issues, bring your perspective
  • try to refer to specific points in the reading


  • read and respond to the blog prompt
  • after reading the assigned text, select at least 1 passage from the readings or videos to quote in your post
  • draft 250-500 (not including quoted text) of your own words, make sure you address the question or prompt (be substantive!)
  • proofread, check spelling and grammar
  • add a featured image to your post
  • you are encouraged to add images and videos to your posts
  • comment on other students posts in out Slack discussions
  • blog set-up:
    login: http://dtc-wsuv.org/wp/dtc101-luers/wp-admin/

multimodal project & final project:

  • text should be your own words 
  • images and other media are either your own, significantly changed by you or cited/sourced properly
  • spelling and grammar checked
  • address the project description/parameters of the project
  • include quotes from readings/videos

Make your first blog post to introduce yourself. Please include:

  • Your major
  • What is your interest in digital media?
  • PC,  MAC or both?
  • Set an image of you as the author avatar

Slide Talk:

  • Introduction to Digital Technology and Culture

Slack discussion:

  • In what ways have you/we been shaped by digital technology?
  • What aspects of digital technology do you think will enhance life in the next fifty years?
  • What effects of digital technology do you fear the most?


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